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How to use filezilla to connect and upload file to your account

Hello, guys! In this post I am going to share how to use Filezilla to connect and upload the file to your account. Before we start first you need to create an FTP of a domain in your account. If you do not know how to create an FTP account of a domain click on this link to know first.

Next, you have to download Filezilla and install to your home computer. If you do not have Filezilla then go to the FileZilla's website which is and download Filezilla.

FileZilla's website

Let's go to the Filezilla dashboard. For uploading the file first you have to go Site Manager. Three ways you can add Site Manager Filezilla.

From your filezilla dashboard you can go

Site Manager

Or you can go file then Site Manager 

Site Manager

Or on your keyboard hold down the CTRL + s.

Site Manager

All of this bring to the Site Manager for you. A pop-up window will be open for you. First time user hit enter an option New Site below. Then give it a name to keep things organize such domain name (

Site Manager pop-up window

First, you have to write down your host which is your domain name or you can give it your domain IP address. Which you will find from your Cpanel on the left-hand side.  Port will be set 21. Below port there is a protocol which will be set FTP – File Transfer Protocol.Encryption will be Use Plain FTP.

After set encryption, you need to give FTP username and password. After that you have click connect below. If your host, username and password are true, then Filezilla will connect your FTP account with your server. In the left-hand side in your Filezilla, you can see what server actually doing . Lets assume this progress window.

Progress Window

You can also ignore this part. But in this part at the last line if you see “directory listing of successful“ it means everything is fine.
Below picture’s right-hand side part is

Server Part or Remote Side.

And left-hand side is your local area, which is your computer and its file.

Local area Which is your Computer

When you are going to upload files from your computer. Then first select the file from left-hand side of the filezilla. And drag it to the remote area or server part area. You also drop your file above the folder. The file goes inside the folder.  You can see the progress of your upload in the progress window.

You can also download the file from the remote area or server part. Do the same things but reverse. Just select the file and drop to the left-hand side in the local area or your computer.
Now uploading the file is completed. If the uploading is failed, may you see the error message. May be it cause for lost of internet connection. Also if your internet connection slow, then it takes time to upload. So my suggestion is that, your file sizes must be lowest as possible.
If you could not connect with server through Filezilla, then here some probable reasons you should check for
  1. Is the username correct?
  2. Is the password correct?
  3. Remember one thing username and password both are case sensitive.
  4. Is your hosting account is active?
This is all information about Filezilla. Now you can connect with server and easily you can upload your file. Thanks for reading our article. You can subscribe our website for more articles about web hosting.

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