How to Find the IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone easily

In this post I show you how to find the IMEI number of any phone. Mostly the IMEI number is on the packaging box of your mobile device and in the invoice or in the bill of your mobile device. But you don't carry them every time with your mobile. So there is a code to know the IMEI number   3686 Views

13 Easy Tips to Improve Android Smart Phone Battery Life

Here are 13 Easy Tips to Increase Android Smart Phone Battery Life: Turn off unnecessary apps, Turn off auto brightness, Set screen timeout, Turn off smart sensors, Setup power saving modes, Turn off vibration, Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi, turn off 3G and 4G, Turn off GPS, Don't use animations wallpaper, Turn off auto update, Turn off auto sync....  5216 Views

How to take Screenshot on any Android Device

To take a screenshot on earlier Android devices you have to install Android developer tools or any third party app. But now taking screenshot is an inbuilt feature from Android 4.0 to the latest one. It is take by press of couple buttons. The combination of buttons are same Almost ...  2567 Views

How to Play Hidden Free Chess Game on Facebook Messenger

Today almost every one in facebook. People are chat with there friends using facebook chat or Messenger. But do you know there is a hidden game in facebook chat or facebook Messenger? It is a chess game. You can play this game with your all facebook friends on chat box or using Messenger. Only there is a trick to launch this game.   6653 Views

How to Clear Cached Data for all Apps on Android Device

Sometimes We see that our Android device is run out of internal storage space automatically. If we store data, apps and other thinks on Sd card then also it happens. Why ? Because the Apps which are run on our device, build Cached Data on Internal Memory. If we don't delete .....  2267 Views

How to Turn On USB Debugging on Android Device

USB Debugging is a very use full option in Android device. Primarily it is use for connect your Android device to a computer with Android SDK ( Software Development Kit ). But some time it is connect to your computer with other developing softwares too. But the basic think is that it is use for developing purpose.  2668 Views

How To Disable Unnecessary Preinstalled Android Apps

In Android devices there are some preloaded apps and many of them are unnecessary. Those apps are running in background and capture RAM, that also slowdown your device. But we can't uninstall them because they are preloaded. But we can disable them, that can help to freed up RAM from those unnecessary apps.  4326 Views

How To Close all apps Running in Background of Android device

Sometimes your Android device is slow down, it because of some unnecessary apps are running in background. Those unnecessary apps are capture your device RAM and slow down your device. In this post I told you how to find those unnecessary RAM capturing apps and stop them.  4027 Views

How To Find Out Battery Killing Apps On Android Device And Turn Off Them

Is your android device run out of battery quickly ? That caused by many thinks, but most important is battery killing apps. They run in background and killing your device battery. In this tutorial I show you how to find them and turn off them without using any third party app.  4185 Views

How to find Developer Options on your Android device

In your Android device can't find the Developer options ? Initially the Developer options is hidden in every Android device. But Developer options is a very use full for every Android device. For enable USB debugging or set Background process limit or enable force GPU rendering like many options we find in Developer options.  2278 Views

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