Top 5 Best 3D Launchers for Android Smartphones

This post is about Top 5 Best 3D Launcher for Android Smartphones. We all know android Smartphones are rapidly growing. And for more attraction, we usually used a launcher. But in this post, I am going to share about 3D launcher or you can say displaying screen with 3 dimensions. As you know launcher can easily customize but using 3D...  441 Views

How to Play Pokemon GO on PC with Android Emulator

Your Android phone may not properly support Pokemon GO Or Pokemon GO is banned from your country, but you want to play this game very badly. Then what to do?? You know that Pok√©mon GO is viral worldwide and you are so interested to play this game. Do not worry friend you get your solution in this post. If you have a PC then...  884 Views

How to control your PC or Laptop from anywhere using your Android Mobile

It nice to have a remote control for your PC or Laptop, and you can control them from anywhere. So in this post I will show you how to control your PC or Laptop from anywhere using your Android Mobile. There are many way to do so, but here I will show an easy way to do this.  422 Views

Forget pattern lock of your Android phone?? to unlock easily follow this

Forget Pattern Lock or password of your Android device? There are two ways to recover your device Pattern lock. 1. Factory Reset Your Android device using bootmanu. (you can loss all of your device data) 2. Use Google account to recover your pattern lock. (no data loss)  1862 Views

How to play Hidden Basketball game on Facebook Messenger

Here are the steps how to find and play Hidden Basketball game in Facebook Messenger Make sure that you have the latest Facebook Messenger in your Smartphone. First open your Facebook Messenger and go to any chat. Now sent a emoji of Basketball. Now tap on the Basketball to on the game. Not only you....  961 Views

How to do Factory Reset in Your Android device using Boot Menu

Here are few stapes to Factory Reset Your Android device using Boot Menu: Step 1: Turn off your device. Step2: press and hold Power + Volume Down to go to Boot Menu. Step 3: Press Volume Up or Volume Down button to select wipe data/factory reset. Step 4: Now confirm Factory Reset by select YES. Step 5: Wait for few minutes to complete the process  2057 Views

How to Factory Reset Your Android device in simplest way

To Factory Reset your Android device, follow these steps: Step 1: Go to device Settings and select "Backup & reset". Step 2: Tap on "Factory data reset" option. Step 3: Tap on "Reset device" button. Step 4: Now Confirm your pattern for security reason. Step 5: Enter the PIN in the box and press "Erase everything" button. Step 6: Wait for few minutes to complete the process.  647 Views

How to take Backup of Android phone Data to Google Account

To Backup Your Android device Data to Google Account follow these steps 1. Go to your device Settings then Backup & reset. 2. Turn on Back up my data and Set backup account. 3. Go back to Settings then Accounts and select Google. 4. In Sync options select all listed checkboxes to backup all data.   1205 Views

18 Hardest Pattern Lock Ideas for Android Phone and Tab

If you are using an android device then most probable you can use pattern lock for Lock screen or app lock screen. But maximum time it is easy to open, because we draw easy patterns. In this post I show you 18 hardest pattern locks for Android phone and tabs...  33040 Views

How to Find the IMEI Number of Any Mobile Phone easily

In this post I show you how to find the IMEI number of any phone. Mostly the IMEI number is on the packaging box of your mobile device and in the invoice or in the bill of your mobile device. But you don't carry them every time with your mobile. So there is a code to know the IMEI number   1131 Views

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