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What is HTTPS and why it is so important to use?

Hello friends welcome to Today we are going to discuss another very important topic which is https and why https is so important now a days for every corner of web or internet.  Before we going to discuss https, i am want to tell you one more thing that is http. Both HTTP and HTTPS, we have seen on the web address bar. So what is this HTTP?? Lets start…

What is HTTP?

When you visit any website, you may have noticed on address bar that . So what is this HTTP and how does it work?. HTTP stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol”. HTTP is very basic concept of www (World Wide Web). Basically HTTP is very basic communication on www or Internet. Which communicate to your web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc) with website server. HTTP allows data communication, which means first web browser send a request to the website server for the data of the website. And website send back the data to the web browser. So in a simple word HTTP is the protocol to exchange data or hypertext.

What is HTTP
“But many times you have seen https:// instead of http://. So what is this https://??”

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”. This is the protocol with extra secure layer to exchange data over internet or web. This extra layer we called SSL(Secure Sockets Layer).
So sometimes we seen on web address bar https://  means a secure connection between client (yourself) and website server with locked key at the left side. No one can steal any information of the client.

HTTPS and why it is so important

Why HTTPS is so important to use

HTTPS is very important in these days. Now  every one connect to each other via internet and we can do many things at our home such online shopping, payment bills via credit card or debit card number, email login,  chat etc everything is our very personal issue. No one can share their personal things with anyone. Here comes the beauty of “S” which is HTTPS.
HTTPS mainly secure your all data information and securely it send your data to the website sever. No one can steal any information between client (Yourself) and website server and keep secure your account. So it is so important to use any personal details with https://.

Using some algorithm clients data goes to the website server. No one can read clients details. So it is very important to check your personal detail goes to the right hand.

Actually “S” within HTTPS generates encryption of data of communication between browser (client side) and website server. For this “S” no can see original data of client. They will see encrypted data. So they can not understand the original data. And clients personal information will keep safe. 

So friends, this is why HTTPS is so important and you should always use https:// for your any kind of personal details issue. Our next post will be how does HTTPS work?? So friends subscribe our website to get all the latest blog post. Stay tuned.

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