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What Happen If Your Insurance Adviser Have Left His Job

Hi friends how do you do? today we will discuss about a real life problem. Some of you may think of it sometimes. The problem is what will happen with your insurance policy if your insurance adviser will leave his job before maturity?

Look before you buy any insurance policy from any adviser of any company, you should understand the actual job profile of an insurance adviser.

What Happen If Your Insurance Adviser Have Left His Job


An insurance adviser is the main baseline of the insurance company. They procure business for that company and do additional service for that customer on behalf of the company. He acts like a middleman between the company and the customer. He helps his customer to understand the benefits of that policy and it’s additional features. He also helps his customer to choose the best plan according to his own needs. Not only that, he also helps his customer in further servicing. Like maturity settlements, loans, surrender etc.

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Now make one thing very clear, you are buying policy from an insurance company. You are bounded to pay and get the benefits from that very company, not bounded with that adviser, and he will not pay you for anything happen.

So you should not be much concern about your adviser’s stability with that company, rather than you should concern about that company. Please spend some time about the company’s loyalty with his customer, his past business figure, his claim settlement ratio for the last year.


1. First check his identity card. Make sure that he is a valid adviser from a valid company.

2. Cross check his words with internet. Make sure he is not fumbling at any point.

3. Make yourself clear first. Do not left any point behind. I mean to say that make every point is as clear as water to you. If you need you should ask your adviser more than one time to make it clear to you. It is his job man, do not worry about that.

4. Ask your adviser to give you his business card. Because if you need any quarry farther you could make a call or send a e mail to him.

5. If you want to be double sure; you may check his code number via internet. That gives you peace of mind.

Now this is clear to you that there is actually no problem regarding this issue that what happen with your policy if your adviser leave your job. One more thing, now a days every insurance company is now in the rat race. They all are concern about there valuable customer. So if your adviser leave his job; no matter in what situation; the company will allot another adviser with you to serve you better.

One more thing, in this age of globalization every company is concern about there global retting. So do not get tensed. The company will take care of you well. So don’t concern about your adviser, concern about your company. Happy insurance.

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