How to Create and Delete an FTP Account

In this post will show you how to create and remove an FTP account. Means connection with the server using FTP account and you can upload your files to the server. You can create different FTP for different users. To open your FTP account first you have to login into your cPanel. Using cPanel you can manage your domain...  237 Views

How to use filezilla to connect and upload file to your account

In this post I am going to share how to use Filezilla to connect and upload the file to your account. Before we start first you need to create an FTP of a domain in your account. Next you have to download Filezilla and install to your home computer. If you do not have Filezilla then go to the FileZillas website which is...  308 Views

Top 5 Best 3D Launchers for Android Smartphones

This post is about Top 5 Best 3D Launcher for Android Smartphones. We all know android Smartphones are rapidly growing. And for more attraction, we usually used a launcher. But in this post, I am going to share about 3D launcher or you can say displaying screen with 3 dimensions. As you know launcher can easily customize but using 3D...  440 Views

How To Optimize Your Images for SEO

One of the very important point is Image Optimization. Images will help you to boost your result and search engine ranking, because images are very strong file for your content. Images are also used for imaginary description purpose which means picture can say lots of thing about your post. Just you have to arrange them in a proper...  597 Views

How to Choose Best Keyword from Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Right keywords can make your website best for a long term. By researching your markets keyword demand, you can learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, and also learn more about your customers as a whole...  465 Views

How to Play Pokemon GO on PC with Android Emulator

Your Android phone may not properly support Pokemon GO Or Pokemon GO is banned from your country, but you want to play this game very badly. Then what to do?? You know that Pokémon GO is viral worldwide and you are so interested to play this game. Do not worry friend you get your solution in this post. If you have a PC then...  884 Views

Why Keyword is so Important in SEO

This post is about why keyword is so important in SEO. Millions of people type on the search engine lots of words which is keyword. When we are going to learn SEO, we always have heard that “Keyword is the most important things to get Free and Organic search engine traffic. And also good keywords make your website search engine...  558 Views

How to control your PC or Laptop from anywhere using your Android Mobile

It nice to have a remote control for your PC or Laptop, and you can control them from anywhere. So in this post I will show you how to control your PC or Laptop from anywhere using your Android Mobile. There are many way to do so, but here I will show an easy way to do this.  422 Views

How does HTTPS work

We already knew HTTPS stands for a "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure". HTTPS = HTTP + S this S is the SSL which is Secure Sockets Layer. But how does it work actually on web or internet. How does it secure your information and send it to the web server. Yes in this post you are ...  328 Views

What is HTTPS and why it is so important to use?

Welcome to Today we are going to discuss another very important topic which is https and why https is so important now a days for every corner of web or internet. Before we going to discuss https, i am want to tell you one more thing that is http. Both HTTP and HTTPS...  422 Views

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