How to Create Mobile Application of a Website

Hello everyone , making Mobile apps of a website is growing day by day for handset users. Today I am going to share how to create a Mobile Apps of a website .The utility of this application is to easy access of website from handsets ...  9838 Views

How to make Realtime chat Application in Android

Hi friends , In my previous post How to create Chat Application in Android studio we had seen how To make user Interface of a chat Application . Though there are lots of way to make realtime chat apps ...  24997 Views

How to make Speech to Text conversion Apps in Android

Hi , As per the request today I am going to share how to convert a speech to Text in Android application. The utility of this Application is to take voice input and convert it into a text format. You need clear concept ...  7721 Views

SEO Friendly URLs using PHP with HTACCESS

This post explains how to create SEO friendly URLs using PHP with .htaccess. This type of friendly urls improve website's seo for search engines ranking. Before you trying this you have to enable mod_rewrite in your server.It is very easy, you have to follow simple few steps. So lets start...  8003 Views

Search Box with Result using jQuery Ajax PHP

This tutorial about Search Box with Results using jQuery, Ajax and PHP. Using Ajax and jQuery when you click on search button then results will display on the same page. This is very easy and simple. So lets start ...  13591 Views

How to expire PHP sessions after set a period of time

This post is about “How to expire PHP sessions after set a period of time”. In this post I’ll show you how to expire a user’s session after 6 minutes of inactivity....  5584 Views

How to Create ActionBar Tabs with Fragments in Android

Hi , Today I am going to share How to Make ActionBar Tabs with Fragment, it give you clear concept of making How to create Tabs using Fragment having Actionbar....  6099 Views

Send Mail Using PHP

This post about “Mail function using PHP”. Now you can sending mail from your website to mail address. It can be your contact details or any message. But this post only works in web server. So lets ....  3668 Views

How to redirect non-www URLs to www without htaccess

To redirect your to you have to write a simple code using php. Bellow code you have to paste at the top of your page....  3771 Views

How to login or signup with facebook API using PHP

Hi friends!! Today we are going to learn an interesting topic, that is how to login or signup with facebook API using PHP. For every user communication website they must need a user login panel and for login they must need registration for proper authentication. Here comes beauty of social media like facebook, google plus, twitter for their signup process....  23847 Views

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