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How to Create and Delete an FTP Account

Hello everyone, in this post will show you how to create and remove an FTP account. Means connection with the server using FTP account and you can upload your files to the server. You can create different FTP for different users.  

How to create FTP accounts

To open your FTP account first you have to login into your cPanel. Using cPanel you can manage your domain (


To create a new FTP click on FTP accounts on your cPanel dashboard from the Files area.

FTP icon on cPanel dashboard


Next, it redirects to your add FTP account page. Here you will get an add FTP form you have to fill it up.

FTP form

To create an account first you have to give an account name in Log in field. Next, you have to give a password. Password would be contain upper case and lower case, also number with special character. You can also see your password strength below to meet the expectation. Next, you have to choose the directory that will point to your FTP account. Then automatically a folder will be created inside public HTML. If you want to move your folder then you have to edit the directory. After chosen your directory now you have to choose quota. You can enter the amount or choose unlimited.
Once you finish all of this settings click on Create FTP Account.  
Now your new account will be in the same page. You can see all of your existing FTP accounts.

FTP account

You can change the password, quota also delete your account anytime under the section Action.
In this way, you can create and delete an FTP account.

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