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Why Keyword is so Important in SEO

Hello, guys!!! Welcome to once again. In our some previous post we have discussed what is SEO and how does it work and How SEO can help to grow your business. Today our post is about why keyword is so important in SEO. Millions of people type on the search engine lots of words which is keyword.

When we are going to learn SEO, we always have heard that “Keyword is the most important things to get Free and Organic search engine traffic. And also good keywords make your website search engine friendly.“

So it is very natural to say keyword is most important element for every search engine. It is very basic and fundamental concept of SEO that you should know first. In this post I am going to tell you importance of keywords with optimize your website or blog.
Why Keyword is so Important in SEO

Choose your right Keyword

Suppose you are a blogger more than 2 years. You have a website with lots of posts. But you have seen from analytics that your website’s 80% traffic came from particular some post. But why?? You have written all of your posts in the same manner.

The answer is keywords. Unknowingly you have chosen the right keyword for your content.

So first thing is that you have to choose right keyword which is nicely described to your content. Now lots of keyword tools are available but all are not free to download, Google Keyword Planner is free to download also you can get idea of a keyword with targeting areas. Some others keyword tools are also good but those are not free to download and also you can choose target keyword which I will tell you below.

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Paid keyword tools

You already knew some paid keyword tools are very good to know your actual target keyword. If you want to grow your blog or website and make money then surely you need this type of keyword tools. Two paid keyword tools which are really good for me. One is SEMRUSH and another is LongTailPro. You may get some day’s free trail but you have to buy for regular use. These tools are very easy to understand and will help you a lot.
You can also get an idea for target keyword from Google Search Engine. When you type something then Google search query automatically suggest some new keywords, which has seen below in picture. From there you can get some keyword and check Google Keyword Planner tool or other paid tool like SEMRUSH and LongTailPro.
Google Search Query

Types of Keyword

Keywords are mainly two types. One is Short tail keywords and another is Long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are made using 2 or 3 keywords. Such as Video Marketing, Make Money. And Long tail keywords are more than 3 keywords, such as How to make money on internet.

Keyword Placement

Quality keywords are very important. In the domain name , URL , file names and the page title, the headings for the different sections are more important than other description on the web page. But if you have the same keyword densities with others too but you have good keywords in the URL that will boost your page ranking. This is good for SEO.

Keywords in URLs and File names

We already knew that good keyword is help to rank higher. So this is important to give a good keyword for your domain name, your page URL name and your file name. Let’s assume you have a blogging website, then should try to include “blog” word into your domain name. Also all the pages URL should be clean and must be short. Also your file name must be meaning full without any space. Many times search engine gives more importance to the keyword file names.

Keywords in Page Title

Another very important thing is keyword in page title tag. Because most of the search engine display this title on the search result.  So for good SEO of your website you must include a good keyword title inside title tag. Which describe your page content. Suppose your page description is about how to make money from internet, here we get some keywords like money, internet etc. You should use this keyword inside your page title tag. If your title tag is being blank then web page give a title by default which is not good for SEO.

Keywords in Heading

Place keyword inside your head tag is also good for SEO. Heading tag is separate paragraph, and you place your keyword inside head tag such as h1, h2, h3…h6 it is very good for SEO. But you have to remember always too many words like 2 – 3 sentences is not good for SEO. Within few keywords make a sentence meaning full which is good for SEO.
Now you have understood why keywords are so important in SEO. Also, we have known keywords helps to a higher rank. This is good for a website.

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