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Top 10 Best Android Games Under 100MB

After a long time, again we decided to post top 10 games, and this time, top 10 games in android which are awesome but under 100 MB. So welcome to UandBlog, and enjoy our list of top 10 games under 100 MB in android. All are free to download from Google Playstore, also less than 100 MB. Also we have included all the games link under the description. You can play them in Android-based devices phone, tab etc. If we miss out something then please comment below. You can also share your valuable opinion with us, we could try to cover them in our next posts.

Blades of Brim

Creators of Subway Surfers have developed this game. Blades of Brim is categorized as an Action game. This game is made by SYBO. Blades of Brim is an action game but this game is almost like a run game. Likely you called it action and adventure run game. It also has endless game play and similar to the most of the run games only it includes a sword to kill the giant. Too many characters are available, only you have to unlock them and play. Also, you can customise your characters, like change weapons, pets, armor, powerups etc. Also, the game graphics is nice.

Blades of Brim UandBlog

Download Blades of Brim for free from Google Playstore……….



BombSquad is a nice game. If you play this game a single time definitely you are going to addicted of this game. BombSquad is categorized as an Action game. This game is made by Eric Froemling. It is a 3D game with medium graphics. It is almost like the bomber man, but not really because here you have to through bombs to you enemies and the enemies are not balloons, they also has the ability to through bombs on you. The major feature of this game is, it’s a multiplayer game. Eight players are playing this game simultaneously. There is 3 type of game modes, Single Player / Co-op, Teams, Free-for-All. The game play is unique and challenging. Also the various type of powers, bombs are available.

BombSquad uandblog

Download BombSquad for free from Google Playstore……….

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is categorized as an Arcade game. This game is made by RobTop Games. There are too many parts of this game available in Google Playstore, but this time, we decided the talk about Geometry Dash Lite. The game is 2D and ordinary graphics, almost retro type. Only jump or fly and avoid the obstacles to going as far as you can. You can customise your character, it can be a box or a designer box or a smiley face or a plan etc. The game is small challenging.

Geometry Dash Lite UandBlog

Download Geometry Dash Lite for free from Google Playstore……….


Elite Killer: SWAT

Elite Killer: SWAT is an Action game. This game is made by CanadaDroid. It is a 3D first-person shooter game. The game graphics is nice and this game has many things to do like you can upgrade your weapons, also upgrade your skills like health, grenade, bomber Airplanes etc. Weapons have  two categories primary and Secondary. Here you have to control the character movements and aim to kill the enemies. Collect gold’s and money during the game play to by items like weapons, skills etc.

Elite Killer SWAT UandBlog

Download Elite Killer: SWAT for free from Google Playstore……….


Perfect Kick

Perfect Kick is categorized as a Sports game. This game is made by Gamegou Limited. It is a penalty kick football game. Game graphics is nice and 3D. You can customize your character, Change your country etc. Too many types of characters are available. Control is also easy, only swipe your finger to kick the ball or defence the goal. Also, this game is support multiplayer.

Perfect Kick UandBlog

Download Perfect Kick for free from Google Playstore……….



Swordigo is made by Touch Foo and this game is categorized as an Adventure game. Swordigo has a story, you have to play this game with the story. This game is not only an adventure game, it also an action game. You have a sword and magic bolt to kill the enemy. The control keys are on the screen, there is five button to control the character. Also, you can upgrade your weapons and other powers. The game graphics is medium, 3D pixel art graphics.

Swordigo UandBlog

Download Swordigo for free from Google Playstore……….


Chicken Boy

Chicken Boy is developed by Funtomic and categorize as Action game. The graphics are like angry birds. There are too many levels available. This game has too much fun and the game twists are mind boggling. In the gameplay, you are the chicken father, and you have to save your baby chicken from the various animals; by kicking off them with the help of various fruits. In due course, you have to unlock many types of fruits. And also in every stage animal category will become header.

Chicken Boy UandBlog

Download Chicken Boy for free from Google Playstore……….


Sniper X With Jason Statham

This is a challenging game, deals with army activity. This is first person shooter and you play as JASON STATHAM. In every stage, you can see various changes with nice graphics. You can update your ammo. Also, upgrade your weapons and you can also buy new weapons. Believe me, it is really a very nice game. SNIPER X WITH JASON STATHAM is categorized as an Action game and this game is made by Glu.

Sniper X With Jason Statham UandBlog

Download SNIPER X WITH JASON STATHAM for free from Google Playstore……….

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go is made by CactusGamesCompany and this game is categorized as a Racing game. This is an open world game. The gameplay is quite like GTA vice city. In this open world game, you can do anything you want. This game is an open world full of action, adventure, and surprises. You can drive cars, fight with enemies, Deceive police and much more in this game. This game has nice graphics but the controls are bit difficult.

Clash of Crime Mad City War Go UandBlog

Download Clash of Crime Mad City War Go for free from Google Playstore……….


3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork

3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork is categorized as an Arcade game. This game is made by Digital Chocolate, Inc. This is a very fun loving game. You can feel the thrill of a roller coaster in this game. It is a stage-wise game. In every stage, you will face different types of roller coaster. You have to control the coaster. And the point will be deepened on your skills, how you control the coaster.

3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork UandBlog

Download 3D Rollercoaster Rush NewYork for free from Google Playstore……….


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