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Top 10 Best Trekking Trip in India

Trekking is a most popular adventure activity among the tourists from everywhere. So if you want to taste this adventure pleasure then you have to trek in india. This pleasure you will get different from different regions. Every region you will get new opportunity . From snow to flower  gives you  one of the amazing trekking experiences in india. Here is the list of best treks in India


1. Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass trek starting with manali and ended with Chatru . This trek presents dark pine forests, beautiful valleys and most important adventurous crossing. You may start your journey from manali, but after some time you will be in a remote village area. This Hampta pass trek is total 35 km. You also spend time in Chandratal a high altitude alpine lake it would be very exiting.

Max Altitude: 4400 m
Duration in Days: 4 to 5 days
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Time: June to Mid November


2. Goecha La trek

The biggest reason behind the Goechala trek  is the beautiful views with big mountains. This is state of Sikkim in the Himalayan range and the south east face of Kanchenjunga. In this trek you get the feel to touch Kanchenjunga. And you also get green forests, meadows full of Juniper and Rhodendron with heart pumping views of the Kanchenjunga.

Max Altitude: 4950 m
Duration in Days: 10 to 15 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Best Time: June to October


3. Markha valley trek

The Markha Valley trek lies in Ladakh. This trek towards the mountain passes to remote villages. And also showing a great deal of variety in the Western Himalayas. This Trek offering snow peaks of the mountain in himalayan range. This trek goes through the wind past willow groves, alongside patches of wild roses and through canyons decorated with multi coloured Tibetan flags are rising and falling in the breeze.

Max Altitude: 5150 m
Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate to challenging
Best Time: Mid June to October


4. Kuari Pass trek

Kuari Pass Trek offering snow peaks of the mountain in himalayan range. this trek goes through the lush valleys, thick forests and small villages. This trek starting from joshimath to kuari pass in the Garhwal Himalayas. Kuari pass trek mainly famous for its winter views.

Max Altitude: 4268 m
Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging
Best Time: Mid April to June and September to November


5.  Valley Of Flowers Trek

For every trekker’s they must trek in Valley of flowers in the Himalayas. Flowers is a 11 kilometre valley. During this monsoon period the Valley Of Flowers changes colours which is so exiting. Many trekker’s go this valley because of this.


Max Altitude: 3900 m
Duration in Days: 4 to 6 days
Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Time: July to Mid September 


6.  Zanskar Frozen River Trek

Zanskar Frozen River Trek is in the region of Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. And this trek is a thrilling and adventurous trek in India. This trek goes through the frozen river called “Frozen River”. So it becomes a perfect place for river rafting and during the winters season it turn into an ice sheet where this famous trek is performed.


Max Altitude: 3850  m
Duration in Days: 12 to 14 days
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Best Time: Mid January to February


7.  Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass trek starts in Uttarakhand and ends in Himachal. Rupin Pass trek consists of trails dug out of rock faces and hanging villages, forest, glaciers and icy slopes, and over snow fields. And the most exiting white Rhododendrons with expanse of green meadows.


Max Altitude: 4,650 m
Duration in Days: 8 to 10 days
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Best Time:
Late May to June and Mid-September to Mid-October

8. Pin Parvati Pass trek

The Pin Parvati Pass is a mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh. Pin Parvati pass is a great trek for seasoned trekkers and also this is the most challenging trek in the Indian Himalaya, with full of adventure and thrills. This trek is very challenging because of high altitude, difficult crossing area and most important heavy snow fall for almost whole year.

Max Altitude: 5335 m
Duration in Days: 18 to 20 days
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Best Time: Mid June to Mid October


9. Dayara Dodital trek

An ideal beginners trek in the Garhwal Himalayas. Dayara Dodital trek is a beautiful trek starts at Barnala near Uttarkashi and ends at Hanuman Chatti a famous pilgrim town after crossing the Darwa pass. The Dodital Trek is a bird watchers paradise. You can see many like Monal, Koklas, Whistling Thrush, Babbler, Wagtail etc. which is very common here.

Max Altitude: 3890 m
Duration in Days: 7 to 8 days
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Time: June to October


10. Pindari Glacier trek

For this trek starters, this walks or trek goes through a peaceful forests, where exotic birds. The trail to reach the glacier crosses the villages of Saung, Loharkhet, crosses over the Dhakuri Pass, continues onto Khativillage, Dwali, Phurkia and finally Zero Point, Pindar, the end of the trail. Though most of the trail is along the banks of the Pindari River, the river is mostly hidden until after Khati. Pindari is not the largest glacier in the Himalayas. However, the easy approach to the huge ice-fall section is seldom found elsewhere.

Max Altitude: 3990 m
Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Time: May to October


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