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Sitting For a Long Time?? You Must Have to Read This

  Our body is designed for regular movement but many people spend most of the time sitting in one position. I am sure many of us do not know the bad effects of sitting. When we work at a job that requires long time sitting then we hardly pay attention to our body and therefore we ourselves ruin the body function. To know the bad effects of sitting just keep reading………..



   We get energy from food. After eating food it breaks down into small particles and dissolves into blood and then the blood transfer these into each cell of our body. So it is very important whatever we eat should digested properly. Sitting in one position for a long time affect our digestive system and thus results in bloating, heart burn and constipation. Thus, it is very important that we should avoid sitting of long hours and do some exercise regularly so that our food digested properly.


Heart problem

  Sitting for long time raises the chance of developing cardio-vascular diseases like blood clotting, heart disorder, stroke e.t.c. when you sit blood flows slower and muscles burn less fat which makes it easier for fatty acids to clog your heart. Several studies prove that these long hours sitting increases the risk of heart attack by 64%. The best way to protect ourselves against heart diseases is to take a small break at every 30 minutes and do some exercise regularly to maintain our cardio-vascular fitness.



   Today cancer is a common name and many people suffering from this deadly disease. In cancer, cells are divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumor and invade nearby parts of the body. Excess sitting may increases the chance of breast, colon and endometrial cancer. People can avoid cancer by active physically and taking a balanced diet.


Excess body fat

   Another disadvantage of long time sitting is that it increases your weight. Everybody wants a slim fatless figure but hardly know the fact, sitting for long hours gain extra fat and it is accumulated in the waist area. When we sitting long time our major body muscles are not working and thus calorie burning are minimized and this lead to weight gain. You can loss your extra fat by doing some physical exercise regularly.


Brain damage

  Sitting down for long period of time can affect our brain. Our brain function slows after a stretch of sedentary period because our brain gets less fresh oxygen and blood which are needed to trigger the release of brain and mood enhancing chemicals. Due to long sedentary period one can go into depression and loss energy to carry out physical task.


Back pain

   One of the side effects for sitting too long is back pain and joint pain. A study has been shown that 80% of the people affect by back pain who sitting too long. Our spine is the main support for our upper body and holds us upright. Sitting puts more pressure on our spine or the lower back and the stress surrounding muscles and joint. Many people think back pain occur due to old age. But now a day back pain is very common among young people and one of the reasons is computer. Young generation spend most of time on computer by surfing internet and playing games. The best way to avoid back pain is to take a small break and go for walk.


Leg disorder

   Leg disorder is one of the side effects of long our sitting. Sitting leads to decreases circulation in your legs which can cause swelling in ankles, varicose veins and blood clots. Physical activities like running, walking, weight lifting help to strengthen the bones and increase bone density. But lack of activity leads to weaken bone and even osteoporosis.



   In modern world many people face a common problem is called diabetes. There are many reasons that contribute to diabetes like – changing life style, imbalanced diet and many more. But long time sitting is also a cause of diabetes. Sitting at one position impairs the body’s ability to handle blood sugar, causes a reduced sensitivity to the hormone insulin that helps carry glucose from blood into cells where it can be used for energy. Research proves that sitting more than 8 hours increases the risk of type- II diabetes by 90%.


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