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How To Optimize Your Images for SEO

Hello, guys!!! Welcome to UandBlog once again. Today we are making a new post which is, How to optimize your images in your website for better search engine ranking and it is also good for SEO friendly too.

We know that search engine changes their algorithm day by day. So it is very important to hold a good search engine ranking. For this only you need quality content, quality content and quality content. Within your content you need everything which is help to rank on search engine.

One of the very important point is Image Optimization. Images will help you to boost your result and search engine ranking, because images are very strong file for your content. Images are also used for imaginary description purpose which means picture can say lots of thing about your post. Just you have to arrange them in a proper way. But the search engine does not understand what is image. Actually you have to tell the search engine about that.

How To Optimize Your Images for SEO

So here I am going to share some techniques to tell the search engine about the image and making an SEO friendly.

Image Name

First thing you have named your image clear and descriptive. If you use image name Image17.jpg Google has no idea what that is. You have to name it clear, you have to use your keywords descriptive for that Google can understand. And use the keywords separated by “-” . Example: make-seo-friendly-image.jpg, remember that space between two keywords in the image name, search engine recognize them in a single word.  This is wrong for SEO. So you have to separate your keyword by “-”.

Alt Tag

One of the most important things in optimization technique is alt tag. When we see a picture that time we easily understand what’s going on in the picture. But search engine does not understand instant.  You must have to tell search engine about your image. That’s why Alt Tag. So within alt tag you have to write down about your image description to tell the search engine about your image.
Example:  <img src=”make-seo-friendly-image.jpg” alt=”Make SEO friendly image”  />

Image Size

Image size is also a factor for image optimization.  You should not use heavy image. Heavy image takes time to load. Sometimes users hit back button and leave from your website. Which increase your bounce rate for your website. It is bad for your SEO.
So you have to use such an image (within some KB) which makes your website fast to load. So image size will be as small as possible right ??

Image Hosting

Image hosting is also important. You should use to keep all of your images in same hosting with your files. Which is good for SEO also optimization. But if your images hosted in other account (Just like free images website) which is do not get proper priority.  You can not seen this type of image from Google search. So hosting is also a important part.

Image linking and Title tag

Image linking is also very good way to promote your website, because we know that good images are very attractive and eye catching. Everyone will see that image. As a guest blogger or anything you can add your website link with that image. Then it goes traffic to our domain address.

But you should not use this link directly. Use some anchor text whenever you want to add a link. This is good for SEO.
One more thing is that whenever you want to link with the image then use title tag. And add a beautiful description inside title tag. After adding title tag when mouse hover on the image. Then tooltip will show your description.  But you should use your description using some keywords.

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This is some technique to optimize your image for SEO friendly. Let us know if you use something different thing for image optimization. It would be glad to hear from you.

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