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5 ways to keep your ATM or debit card number(Pin) safe

These days’ plastic money or you can say cards are used more often than cash. It’s easy to carry. For that reason it is easy and fun to handle your ATM or Debit card for any electronic payment machine. To use this machine you have to remember a few things. Though  this is safe and secured, but still it is important to keep safe your ATM or debit card number; so that no one could snatch your valuable money. In this post I am going to share with you 5 tips to keep your ATM or debit card number safe.

Step1:  Choose a strong pin number 

Choose a Strong Pin

First thing is pin number. Choose your ATM pin number which is easy to remember. But make sure not to use your mobile number or date of birth, or anything like this which could be easily recall by others. My suggestion is choose a strong pin number but not so much strong that you own self could not remember. Make sure that the number could be recall easily only by you not by others.

Step2:  Keep your card or pin details confidential

Keep your card or pin details confidential

You should never share your pin or card number with anyone. Neither with your friends, nor with  family members. And most important thing never write down this pin on anywhere. Like on your phone, or on your e mail address. Do not send your pin to anyone through SMS, or mail to anyone. And most important things do not share your pin with anyone via phone call. Trespassers may call himself as your bank employee. But remember no bank or any other financial institution could never  ask you for your pin at anytime. So keep your card or pin number confidential for safety of your debit card.

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Step3:  Cover your pin inside ATM or any store

Cover ATM Pin

Here is another very important tip for you to keep your ATM or debit card pin number safe and secure from others. Just cover your pin number when using the card. We usually go to ATM for withdrawal money  or go any store and give payment using debit card, we forget to cover our pin number. You should never put your pin number publicly. If the shopkeeper or ATM guard or any other person is near to you; you should tell them to keep distance from the machine. As this is your card, this is your right to keep it safe. So make sure to cover your pin when you are entering it in an ATM or shop what else.

Step4:  For online shopping try to use https://www

Auth website

Now a days it’s very common to purchase online on ecommerce website via internet. But all the ecommerce websites are not safe. There are few signs to know which is an authentic website to purchase online. Like any web addresses starting with https:// or lock or unbroken key, its means it is protected website. When you do payment online try to use your personal computer rather than a public computer for payment.  And also try to avoid free wifi for payment it is less secured.  

Most important authentic website will not ask you for more card details or bank information, including your password, bank details, card details or your pin number. So be careful to keep your card or money secure from those un authentic so called e commerce websites.

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Step5:  Suspicious activity

Now a days we have seen many suspicious activity happens in many accounts; So be safe. You should check your bank statement in a regular basis to make sure that no suspicious activity is happening with your bank account. You should give your phone number to the bank for message alert services. So that your bank could inform you with no time about any suspicious activity happening with your account. But you should be up to date always with your bank statement.

If you card is lost then immediately contact with your bank as soon as possible to block your card. Also note that in your card there is a toll free number which could help you to block your card at any time. If your card is not stolen but  you see any suspicious activity on your bank account do not hesitate, immediately go to the bank and police station and inform them about that. And keep safe your account or card details with pin number.

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