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How to Increase Traffic to your Website without SEO

Hiiii… Welcome to Today’s our topic is Traffic, traffic to your website. Traffic is such a word that all the people hate it. But in online it sounds something different. In a small business or large if the people does not find your website on a search engine, you cannot built your business. So boosting that traffic to your website is so important to get success. Many of us will think SEO is the only way to generate traffic for website. But this is bad thing.  Here i am going to tell you 5 ways to get more traffic to you website without any SEO.

Voice of Authority

First people get excited about coming to your website. You got to setup voice authority.  Voice Authority is mainly for let you visitors know you know more than other guy. You can do this by-
  1. Creating useful creative content. Such as blog post, eBooks or may be industry guide.
  2. You can answer hard question on social media. Which question is direct related to your products.
  3. You can also produce some useful videos of your products. Because now a day’s video marketing is so popular.
  4. Live comments on social media. Also you can live stream of your events.
So you can see options are endless. For doing this you no need to know any kind of SEO.

Get Specific

Do not market your product everybody, market somebody. Let me explain, if you really want to true visitor (A visitor who will come back again and again) then you have to find out who they are and their interest, location, age, income, habit etc…

Get Specific

Then generate content and send it to them. You can do this by -
  1. Guest Blogging
  2. Answer questions on yahoo or Quora Answers.
  3. Or any other websites.


Another important point to generate traffic to your website is partnership. Many small business make strategic partnership, and this is not bad idea. You have to take this advantage by joining social media promotion share selling, trade, buying products from each other website. Doing blog post or comments which highlighted that you are working together.


Support Staff

At number four you need to support staff.   Support staff is needed because let your customer know your care about him or her. If customers have some problem in mind then they can communicate with your support staff. That may be by phone or chat. And you have to give prompt response as well.

Support Staff
Now customer will think you are not just money hungry or money making staff. So, he cares about your staff. Just like they do.

PPC Advertising

I am going to share one last tip for traffic to your website is PPC Advertising. PPC stands Pay-Per-Click Advertising. PPC is the let the place ad online where targeted market place most likely to see them. Whether it is google search engine page,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or any other website who paid for advertising. The online world will be yours. PPC Advertising is the fastest way to get traffic to your website.

PPC Advertising

Getting traffic to your website is a combination of effort of many things. It takes time and patience. But in the end it gives you true customer more and more. Is not it great...

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