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How to play Hidden Basketball game on Facebook Messenger

In previous post we discuss How to Play Facebook Messengers Hidden Free Chess Game and also discuss how to play this game, but in latest Facebook Messenger there is another hidden game that is Basketball. So this post is about How to play Hidden Basketball game on Facebook Messenger. This game is hidden but you can play with fun. In this post i am going to share this, with you. This Facebook Messenger game is very interesting also.

When you chat with someone, you can play this game. And this hidden game means basketball is more fun game than the chess game. So you really going to enjoying this Hidden Basketball game a lot.


Here are the steps how to find and play Hidden Basketball game in Facebook Messenger

Make sure that you have the latest Facebook Messenger in your Smartphone. First open your Facebook Messenger and go to any chat.


Now sent a emoji  Hidden_Basketball_game_in_Facebook_Messenger_emoji-_uandblog of Basketball.


Now tap on the Basketball to on the game. Not only you, your friend also play this game and compete with you, and the scores will appear on chat screen.


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