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How to make money from a Blog in 2016

In this days Blogging is most profitable way to make Money Online. A few years ago people makes money from their blog basically from popular Ad-networks like Google Ad-sense, etc. But as the time goes the nature of web is changed and the trends of blog optimization techniques is changing day by day. In this days blogging is One of the best Online business to make money from it. Though make decent amount of money from blogging is little slow process but as Once you get enough loyal visitors the whole scenario will totally change. You can go for many ad networks to test which is /are best for Your blog to increase revenue. Native advertising and sponsor ad is also best choice for many bloggers. Today there are many way to earn money from a blog. I will discuss some best of them in this post.

How to make money from a Blog in 2016 UandBlog

1. Affiliate Program

One of the best ways to earn money with Affiliate Marketing. It is a kind of referral program for product of a brand to the visitor of a blog. If a visitor buys that product from your site you will get a commission from the brand. You can either sell product of a brand or you can refer your blog traffic to a certain product. To be successful in Affiliate program you need to be a loyal and dependable to your blog visitor to make decision to purchase that product. You need good targeted traffic for your affiliate program. Your blog readers or followers trust you and by recommending products or services you genuinely love to your readers, you can make commission. Most of the successful blogger earn maximum amount of money from affiliate marketing from their blog.

2. Sell your Product

Most of the successful Blogger in the internet make passive income by selling their Own products like e-book , website template, logo and more. But make your selling product is According to your Blog niche. It is one of the best revenue model for top internet marketers to make money from a blog.If you give value to your blog visitor and successfully promote your product in blog and other social media , in small time you can make a decent amount of money by selling your product. It will give you passive income steam and a big opportunity to make a hard cash .But I suggest before going to sell of your product you should increase your blog with loyal follower.

3. Adnetworks

Another best and widely used way to make money from a blog is Advertising via adnetworks. It is the most common revenue model for Internet marketers and main source of revenue stream for maximum number of bloggers. The best widely used ad-networks are Google Ad-sense,, Infolink, Bidvertiser, Chitika etc. Although there are lots of ad-networks, you need to choose best one which will fits for your blog according to your blog niche. To optimize your revenue you need to do experiment with the placement of your Ad Banner size or color of your banner and may need to filter your ad.

4. Direct Advertising

No doubt Advertising is a great source of increase your revenue from a blog. As the most of the widely used ad-networks make a great cut in between. If you want to get full revenue of Ads from your blog you should sell you ad space to a direct advertising program like Buy sell Ads. Making money from direct advertising may be excellent idea for replacing Ad networks for some blog s having high traffic. For Direct Advertising program you need a advertisement page for your blog. You have to sell this page or Ad space to direct advertising program. But to get direct advertise you need decent traffic in your blog.  

5. Native Advertizing

Year 2016 is going to known for Native advertising. What is native Advertising ? Native Advertising is the form of Online Advertising that matches the form and function on a platform on which its appears. It becomes a very good revenue stream for many popular bloggers in 2016. The goal of native advertising is to positioning a brand images in consumer’s mind. Native Advertising can be Appear from search engine, news Feed, Video ads. To get a native Ad you need huge amount of traffic. I would not recommend it those blog having low traffic. Native advertising is getting hotter and hotter today.

6. Paid reviews

Another way to increase your blog income is paid reviews. You can make at least $10 for a small blog BlogSpot. Many people ignore this money making idea without realizing how it works. Paid review works basically with three reason link back, traffic and Brand exposure. In each of the cases Advertiser will contact if you have big traffic with loyal visitors.

7. Sponsor and Brands

Another popular way to make money from your blog is working with sponsored content and brand. The great thing about sponsorship over Affiliate marketing that you receive a flat feeInstead of income instead of clicks and views. A business will send you their product and you have to write honest review by making a blog post. The great thing is to work with brand is you have control what are you doing. You can give your honest experience or feedback and you can decide which brand you can work with.

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