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How to make Money from your free Mobile Apps

We all know there are large number of mobile Apps competing in today's Apps market. But it is still possible to win the competition and and discover it among the popular apps of Google Play, Play store and other market place and consequently you can make money from it majority of users expect their apps to be free, how do app creators recoup their expenses and profit after the3-4 months of launching the app.Obviously a popular Free Apps have big revenue potential. How to earn money from your free apps? Here is the steps to make money from a Free Apps.

How to make Money from your free Mobile Apps UandBlog

1. Make Innovative Apps

As you are going to publish your Apps in particular apps store you need to focus on the points to get Approval from the appstore. You should follow terms and condition carefully to get approval before submitting the apps. Try to develop innovative, usable and engaging Apps to maximize your download and reduce any kind of rejection of Approval. As you produce Innovative and quality apps  people will rush it for download. It will trigger your apps download and that can be ultimately converted to money.


2. Apps Promotion

After getting the approval it's time to promote  your apps ,  you need customer of your  appsto  Download. Sopromotion of your Apps is big and very important issue. To promote your apps it require to make good looking apps icon and screenshot of the Apps  and  user get  clear overview of the  Apps .

   Here are some best tips to promote your apps..

  1. Offer App Install via facebook advertising.
  2. Submit your Apps to multiple Apps store. Though we know Google play is very popular but there are  many apps store which are also good to. For example , etc
  3. Promote your App in youtube by making  videos.  If you have a popular Youtube channel then your task is easy. But if you don’t have you can go for sponsored video to promote in other Youtube channel.
  4. Advertise your app via Google Adword campaign , make a banner or interstitial ad to promote it.
  5. Promote your apps through content reviews. You can promote  your  apps  through content review for free in  Androidcentral , MobileStartupZ.
To get potential user of your  apps  you need potential subscribers of the apps. Ask people to rate your apps and make comments on it. To make decent Money you need to promote your apps efficiently.

3. Mobile Ad network

The most popular way to make money from a free apps is advertising.The future of app monetization clearly lies in ad-supported model. Almost 73% of apps in the Android marketplace were free, and of those, 80% relied on advertising as their main business model. Free apps are also far more popular in terms of downloads, There are many Ad network  for  mobile App today . As you successfully promote  your apps  you  can earn  money from the popular Ad network like InMobi and Admob. Though initially  this  ad networks offers you  low CPM  rate and you may feel strain  to get good  revenue with  these  Ad networks   especially if you are an amateur developer .But slowly your earning will increase as your apps caches many users.

4. In-App Purchases

When you building your apps and publish to apps store, In-app purchases are items available to buy inside your mobile app.You can allow user to unlock features or purchase something like coin in a game . In app purchase can also be subscriptions if you were in the market of news feeds.Payments are handled by the app store that your app is in, app store takes a percentage of the revenue from each IAP. IAP’s can be used to give users the ability to unlock features of your app, unlock in-app items, buy digital goods, buy in-game currency, remove ads, and anything else you can come up with.You can make huge money in little time ,but you need incredible app to justify In app purchase.

5. Sponsorship

Another great way to make money from your free apps is Sponsorship. Make a useful app and publish it in the Apps store. Make maximize downloads as much as possible by promoting the apps and wait for few months . Do some research and make sure which type of brand will fit to promote in your apps.

Now Contact with Sponsor or brand and tell the details of the apps and give explanation clearly why you want to work with the brand .If they sponsor your app and promote it, will add a great value for you.

6. CPI or Cost per Install

Cost per Install is the new Marketing mechanism in Mobile Apps marketing techniques ,its means cost per install you get from third party network like Playhaven . They have software offer install into your App. There are many CPI companies popping up these days . They are not so difficult to add in your app or game , but you should do some research before to add them in your app to get maximum profit.

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