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How to increase internet speed in windows using gpedit

In this post I'll show you How to increase internet speed in windows. There is no need any third party software.

1. Open RUN dialog. To open RUN dialog, Go to Start Menu and type RUN. Now hit RUN to open RUN dialog.

2. Now in RUN dialog type "gpedit.msc" and hit Ok.

3. Now a new window comes up that is Local Group Policy Editor. Now click on Administrative Templates which is locate in the left side under Computer Configuration menu.

Now in Administrative Templates click on Network.

Now in Network tab click on QoS Packet Scheduler.

Now in QoS Packet Scheduler click on Limit reservable bandwidth. Here a new window comes up.

4. In Limit reservable bandwidth window you see that in options tab Bandwidth Limit is reserved to 20%, which is reserve for QoS. That mines 20% of your internet connection always reserved for QoS, if you disable it then your internet speed increase 20%. So select Disable radio button to disable QoS reservable bandwidth. Now hit Apply and Ok.

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