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How to find MAC address of a computer using cmd ipconfig

In this post I'll show you how to know MAC address of NIC of a Computer. By this process you can find MAC address for every network device which are connected to your computer. There is no need any third party software. By this process you can also know about other information's of NIC.

1. At first open Command Prompt. To open Command Prompt, go to start Manu and type CMD,now click on cmd to open Command Prompt.

2. Now in Command Prompt type "ipconfig /all" then hit enter. Then you can see the chart how many network devices connect to your computer and there information's, like MAC address and other hardware information's.

Here in my computer there is only one network device connected that is the Ethernet adapter, so here we see only one device information. Here MAC address is the Physical address of the Ethernet adapter.  If in your computer there is 2 or more network devices connected you can get all devices information from here.


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