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How to create a multipage PDF file using Photoshop Cs6

In this tutorial I show you how to create a multipage PDF file, like PDF books using Photoshop.

Step 1.

At first create all the pages which you want to merge in to a single PDF file and save them in a folder with serial number. You can save this pages in jpg, png, PDF or any other image file format which are support in Photoshop. Here I save the pages as jpg.

Step 2.

Now open Photoshop. To create a multipage PDF go to File then from the dropdown list select Automate. Then a dropdown list comes up here select PDF Presentation... Now a new window comes up.

File > Automate > PDF Presentation

Step 3.

Now in the PDF Presentation window click on Browse button. Now a new window comes up. here go to the folder where you save the pages. Now select all pages and hit Open button.

Step 4.

After that you see a list of all pages you select in the PDF Presentation window.

Step 5.

When you save the PDF the pages order is like the list you see in PDF Presentation window. Now verify that the pages are correct order in the list or not. Here the cover page is not in correct order it going down in the list. So I drag it to the up of the list. You can drag pages to change there order in the list.

Step 6.

Now hit the Save button in PDF Presentation window, a new window comes up here select the destination folder and hit Save button in this window. Now a new window comes up Save Adobe PDF. Here hit the button Save PDF to save the PDF.

Step 7.

Now open the folder and view the PDF.

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