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How to assign multiple IP addresses to a single Ethernet port or a single Network Interface Card of a PC

In this post I'll show you dual IP configuration in a single Ethernet port or NIC of a pc. By this process you can also configure multiple IP addresses to a single Ethernet port.

1. Go to Network and Sharing Center, to do so go to Start Menu and hit Control Panel.

When Control Panel is open click on Network and Sharing Center.

Now in Network and Sharing Center click on Change adapter settings which is located in top left corner of Network and Sharing Center window.

In Change adapter settings window you can see all network connections of your computer. Here in my computer, there is 2 network connections. One is Local Area Connection and another is Local Area Connection 2. Here I configure dual IP in Local Area Connection.

2. To configure dual IP in Local Area Connection right click on it and select Properties. Then Local Area Connection Properties window comes up.

3. Here I configure IPv4 address. To do so double click on Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4). Now a new window comes up, that is Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties.

4. Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties here you can able to configure dual IP.

Here I have 2 network address, that is and Here I configure this 2 network in this single Ethernet port.

First select Use the following IP address radio button, now manually configure your first network IP address. Here I use ..............
         IP address:    
         Subnet mask:
         Default gateway:

You can change this address with your network address.

Here this network is connected to my internet connection, so I provide DNS server address to the "Use the following DNS server address" area

Here I use this address.................
         Preferred DNS server:
         Alternate DNS server:

If you don't know your Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server address then contact to your internet provider. If you don't provide DNS server address, your privet network is not connected to the internet.

If your Local Area Network is not connected to internet then don't need to provide DNS server address.

5. Now in the 2nd faze provide the 2nd address. To do so click on Advanced button.

Now a new window comes up here you can add your 2nd address. To do so click on Add button and in the new window provide your address.

Here I use this address.................
         IP address:       
         Subnet mask:  

Now hit Add button to add this address.

If you have more networks and more DNS server address you can add those in this advanced setting.

Now hit Ok button for all dialog to complete this setting.

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