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How to Verified Google Adsense Address with or Without AdSense PIN

Are you struggled with Adsense PIN verification ? its not only you, AdSense publisher from many countries are facing the similar problem due to mailing issues.
Let me explain whole things. As your Adsense earning exceed $10 first time, your first PIN for Address verification is generated and  send it to Address that you have given during submission of Adsense Application. As per Google Adsense statement its take upto 4 weeks or longer to reach the PIN to your address.Adsense PIN is look like below.

You have four months to verify your Account with Adsense PIN  from the date of first PIN generation.
If you don’t receivefirst PIN within 4 weeks you can request for a new one. How to do it ?
Login to Adsense Account > from gear icon select Settings > Click on Account Information >Verify Address Link >  request for new Pin from the bottom of the page.

According to Google Adsense help a publisher can request 3 PIN for Address verification, If you don’t receive your 3rd PIN within 4 weeks you have the option to verify your Account, By uploading digital copy of a govt approved id like Aadhaar card (in case of Indians), voter ID, Driving licence , Passport  or  Bank statement. 

How to verify your Google AdsenseAccount  by uploading the digital copy of your ID ?

Here I will show how to  VerifyAdsense Account by uploading the digital copy of a Aadhaar card.
Aadhaar is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India. This number indicates as a proof of identity and address of a person  anywhere in India. You can see below how its look like.

First Click on Action on the Red bar  appear on your Account

Then the following page wil lopen. Now Click on this form  link.

Now you will be redirect to the below page. Enter details and upload the Digital copy of your Aadhaar card, and then submit. Now all the steps complete and your Adsense Account will be verified within 48 hours. 


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