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How to Turn On USB Debugging on Android Device

USB Debugging is a very use full option in Android device. Primarily it is use for connect your Android device to a computer with Android SDK ( Software Development Kit ). But some time it is connect to your computer with other developing softwares too. But the basic think is that it is use for developing purpose. In this tutorial I show you how to turn no USB Debugging on your Android device.

At first go to your device Settings. Now here find Developer options, if you can't find Developer options on your device then please see our previous post --- How to find Developer Options on your Android device.

Now in Developer options first tap the turn on switch to active it. Then a popup window comes up and it labelled by " Allow development settings ? " . Here press Ok to turn on Developer options.

Now you can see the other options are active now. Here find the USB Debugging option and to turn it on, check the checkbox beside it. Now popup window comes up and it labelled by " Allow USB Debugging? " , here press Ok to turn on it. Now USB Debugging is turn on.

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