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How to Play Hidden Free Chess Game on Facebook Messenger

Today almost every one in facebook. People are chat with there friends using facebook chat or Messenger. But do you know there is a hidden game in facebook chat or facebook Messenger?
It is a chess game. You can play this game with your all facebook friends on chat box or using Messenger. Only there is a trick to launch this game.

To launch this game in chat box or Messenger during conversation type "@fbchess play", now a board appear on chat box.


To play this game with your friend there is some commends. To know this commends type "@fbchess help" on chat box.
All commends are ------
  • Start game with random colors: @fbchess play
  • Pick the colors: @fbchess play white/black
  • Pick the opponent: @fbchess play white John
  • Make a move: use Standard Algebraic Notation @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4 moves pawn to e4 Nbd2 to move knight from b-file to d2 B2xc5 to take on c5 with 2nd rank bishop e8=Q to promote pawn to queen 0-0-0 or O-O to castle
  • Claim draw (e.g. 3-fold repetition): @fbchess draw claim
  • Offer a draw in the current position: @fbchess draw offer
  • Offer an undo of the last move: @fbchess undo
  • Resign: @fbchess resign
  • Show current position: @fbchess show
  • Show stats between current players: @fbchess stats
  • Continue a game from another conversation: @fbchess continue From 1:1 conversation,@fbchess continue with [friend] From group chat, @fbchess continue from [thread name]

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