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How to Monitize your YouTube Account with Google Adsense

The best smart to make money from home with YouTube Channel is Google Adsense Program.You need to upload video with  interesting thoughts or other creative idea and engage your audience, To make a good fanbase. Making a significant amount of money you need to work hard, keep patience And  continue to engage your fanbase.

To do it you need to join with YouTube Partner Program and be a YouTube Partner .

Once you get approval from YouTube,  you will get a mail to your gmail Account. Now you can monetize your YouTube Channel  with Google Adsense.

I am going to share how to monetize your YouTube Account with Google Adsense

Step 1: login to  youryoutube Account

Login to your YouTube Account using email id and password.
Go to Creator Studio>channel > monetization settings

Now click on Monetize videos. Now your all video will be monetize provided if all of them
Is follow Adsense Program Policies and Terms and condition 
Step  2: Step link your Adsense Account to Google Account

Now monetization tab click on Associate an Adsense Account

You will be asked to login with existing Google account or Create a new Google Account.
If you want to use your Own Google or Gmail Account already then Proceed to login to your Account .

If you want to create a new Google or Gmail Account with your details .

Now Submit your AdSense Application by filling up the below forms

Step 3:

Once your application has been approved by Adseanse team , you will be inform by mail you can enter with  your login  details and you can  see a "Host account" label on the Home tab of your AdSense account.
Step 4:

Now you are ready to make money with your youtube videos ,but make sure all of your video follow Adsense TOS and Program policies.

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