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How to Make Bootable USB Pen Drive for Installing Windows

With the latest Bios you don't have to use your CD/DVD writer for installing windows in your computer, you can do this with your USB pen drive. Also it is a quicker process for installing windows to your computer.

1. At first plug-in your USB pen drive in to your computer. If there is any important file in your USB then copy it in to a save location, because during this process you have to format your pen drive.

2. Now open Command Prompt as administrator. To open Command Prompt as administrator, go to start Manu and type CMD, now right-click on cmd and click on Run as Administrator.

Now CMD or Command Prompt is open as Administrator.

3. Now in Command Prompt type "diskpart", it open diskpart utility in Command Prompt.

Now find drive number of your USB drive, to do so type  "list disk". It can show all drives which are plug in to your computer. Now find your USB and note its disk number. Her my disk number is Disk 1.

4. Now format my USB drive using Command Prompt from diskpart. Here I use disk 1 because it is my USB disk number, but you can change it with your disk number.
Here is the commands to do so......................

select disk 1
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

5. The next step is make your USB bootable, to do so insert your operating system DVD to your computer. Now note down the drive names for your DVD drive and USB drive. Here my DVD drive is G: and USB is J:.

Now do the following steps........................
(When you do it replace the drive letter with yours drive letter,here DVD = G: and USB = J:)

cd g:oot
bootsect.exe/nt60 j:

Now close Command Prompt.

6. Now copy all files from your operating system DVD to the USB drive.

7. Here we go to the install part. To boot from your USB first need to change boot priority of your computer. To do so go to your Bios, restart your computer and press F10, F12 or Delete which key move you to Bios manu.

Now change boot priority to USB and save.
Now Exit from Bios and reboot. Now automatically load your operating system and install Manu is appear.

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