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How to create your first Android Game

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how does a Java developer begin developing games on Android and what tools  are required?
great code will not help if you do not have a game to bring to life. Knowing how to get the idea for your game out of your head in a clean and clear way will make the difference between a good game and a game that the player can’t put down.
These game tutorials will guide you through creating  your first your game and many theories and   ideas.

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  A brief  Story

 Developing games on Android has its pros and cons, which you should be aware of before you begin.
 First, Android games are developed in Java, but Android is not a complete Java implementation. Many of the packages that  you  may have used for  OpenGL and other graphic embellishments are included in the Android  software development kit (SDK).  some  very helpful packages for game developers, especially 3-D game developers, are not included.
 Another pro is Android’s familiarity, and a con is its lack of power. What Android may offer in familiarity and ease of  programming, it lacks in speed and power. Most video games, like those written for PCs or consoles, are developed in low-level  languages such as C and even assembly languages.
 We have discussed a couple of pros and cons to developing games on Android. However, one of the biggest pros to independent  and casual game developers to create and publish games on the Android platform is the freedom that you are granted in  releasing your games.

What do u need ?

Skills and Experience:   

 Since Android is developed in Java, you should also possess a good, working knowledge of Java development. There will be no  tutorials on how Java works, and it may be implied during certains cenarios that you know the meaning behind the structure of  Java.
 It is possible however, that you may have some game development experience on another platform—such as Windows—and  possibly even some business-level Java experience, and never have used OpenGL ES. Most of the time, developing a game for  Android will require use of OpenGL ES.

 Starting with a Good Story : 

 Every game, from the simplest arcade game to the most complex role-playing game(RPG), starts with a story. The story does  not have to be anything more than a sentence, like this: Imagine if we had a giant spaceship that shot things. However, the story  can be as long as a book and describe every land, person, and animal in the environment of a game. It could even describe  every weapon, challenge, and achievement.

 Why Story Matters

 The story behind your game is important for a few different reasons. Let’s take a look at exactly why you should spend the time  to develop your story before you begin to write any code for your game. The first reason why the story behind your game is  important is because it gives you a chance to fully realize your game, from beginning to end, before you begin coding. No matter  what you do for a living, whether you are a full-time game developer or are just doing this as a hobby, your time is worth  something.

Writing Your Story:

 There is no trick to writing out your story. You can be as elaborate or rudimentary as you feel is necessary. Anything from a few  quick sentences on the scratch pad near your PC to a few pages in a well-formatted Microsoft Word document will suffice. The  point is not to try to publish the story as a book; rather, you just need to get the story out of your head and into a legible format  that can be referenced and hopefully not changed.

 Game Elements and Tools
  •  Android Software Development Kit
  •  OpenGL ES graphics library
  •  AndEngine  Game Engine Library
  •  Graphics Tools
  •  Audio  tools

How  Game Engine works

 A game engine needs to be able to take code and commands from the game specificcode and pass them directly to the  hardware. This allows the game to run quickly and with all of the control that it needs to be able to provide a rewarding

  Why AndEngine Library ?
  •   AndEngine handles all the grunt work of the game code like
  •   Graphics rendering
  •   Animation
  •   Sound
  •   Collision detection
  •   Artificial intelligence (AI)
  •   Physics (noncollision)
  •   Threading and memory management
  •   Networking
  •   Command interpreter (I/O)

  AndEngine is a game engine library that makes it easier to write two-dimensionalgames for Android devices. Nicolas Gramlich       led the effort to create AndEngine andwrote much of its code. The project is open source, so you are encouraged to go to the       project website and join in the development effort for AndEngine yourself.

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This blog  is posted by Prosenjit Dhara  an Android  Developer  and   CEO and Producer at  MultiAndroid zone

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