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How to Create Color Changing Text Animation using Photoshop Cs6

In this tutorial I show you how to create color changing text animation using Photoshop Cs6.

Step 1.

At first create a New Document. To do so go to File and click on New.

Now a New window comes up here select your document size and hit Ok. Now new document is created.

Step 2.

Now select Type Tool to type your text.

After selecting the Type Tool click anywhere in the document and type your text. Here I type text.

After typing your text resize it and change its font style what do you want.

Step 3.

Now go to Timeline panel. In Photoshop you can animate thinks using Timeline. If you can't see the Timeline in your workspace then go to Window and from the dropdown list select Timeline.

Now in the Timeline panel click on Create Video Timeline.

Now a Video Timeline is added with the text layer to the timeline panel.

Here is a small triangle on the text layer in the Timeline panel. Click that to open timeline options.

Step 4.

Now in the list there is a Style option. In the left-hand side of Style there is a small clock button.

Click on this clock button to add a key frame to the timeline.

Now drag  the play head to an another position. Now if you change the text style then another key  frame is automatically add to this play head position.

Step 5.

Here we change color style of this text, because we create a color changing text effect. To do so go to the layer palen. Now double click on the text layer.

Now a new Layer style window comes up. Now in the Layer style window go to Color Overlay tab.

Here chose your color. To do so  click on this color box to open the Color Picker window and chose color.

Here I chose red. Now click Ok button in Color Picker and the Layer style window.

Now you can see that automatically a key frame add to the timeline.

Step 6.

Now drag the play head to the next position.
Now do the privies stapes to change the text to a different color and create a key frame in this position. Here I select blue color.

Here I add six key frames to the timeline. Red and blue are added, and now four are left. So I do the privies steps to change the text color and add those key frames. Here I add yellow, green, white and black.

Step 7.

Now I added all key frames to the timeline. Now check the animation. To do so drag the play head to the first key frame position. Now click play button to play the animation.

If it looks ok to you then crop the timeline to the animated area. To do so click and drag this bar to the end position of the animation. Here the last key frame is the end of the animation. So drag the bar to the last key frame.

Step 8.

Now when all done, Render this animation. To do so click on the timeline Panel Options. Now from the drop down list select Render Video.

Now a Render Video window comes up. Here select the output video size and other options. Now hit Render button to render the video.

Step 9.
When the render is complete go to the output folder and play the video to check it.

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