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How to Clear Cached Data for all Apps on Android Device

Sometimes we see that our Android device is run out of internal storage space automatically. If we store data, apps and other thinks on Sd card then also it happens. Why ? Because the Apps which are run on our device, build Cached Data on Internal Memory. If we don't delete them in time then after a long-time it capture lot of space on Internal Memory. So in this tutorial I show you how to clear all Cached Data from Android device.

To do so first go to your device Settings, then tap on Storage. In Storage you can see internal storage map with colour and below that the list of data amounts. Here you can see Cached data and its amount.

Now to clear Cached data tap on it, now a popup window comes up. This popup window is labelled by " Clear cached data? " and you also see there " This will clear cached data for all apps. " . Below those labels you see a Cancel and Ok button. Press Ok button to clear cached data. After that you can see the cached data amount is decrease.

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