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How to take Backup of Android phone Data to Google Account

Today I will show you How to take Backup Your Android device Data to Google Account. This method will keep your device data safe. Even if you change your device you can retrieve your old device data very easily to your new device. Before doing the Factory Reset it’s better to Backup all your device data to your Google account. By this process you can backup your device settings, all installed app data, contacts, all signed account data, images, almost everything you have in your Android device. All you need to have is just a Google account to do this.

Here are the steps How to take Backup Your Android device Data to Google Account.....

Step 1.

At first go to your device Settings. Now in Settings find Backup & reset and tap on it.


Step 2.

Now in Backup & reset turn on Back up my data option. Now tap on Backup account.



Now a small popup window comes up that is Set backup account. If you are already signed in to your Google account( that is your Gmail account ) then in this window you can see your account; if not, then tap on Add account.


Step 4.

Now Add your account window comes up. Here sign in to your Google account( that is your Gmail account ). Now when you complete the sign in process it will go back to Set backup account window.


Step 5.

Now you can see your Google account in Set backup account window. Now tap on it to select this account to your Backup account.


Step 6.

If you turn on your Backup option then by default it can backup everything from your device to your Google account. If you want to specify what do you want to Backup to your Google account then go to Main Menu of Settings, Now in Settings find Accounts. Now in Accounts window tap on Google option.

Now here tap on Sync account( here you see your Gmail address ) option.

Now it will open Sync options to a new window. Here you can see a list of your device data, by checking and unchecking the right hand side checkboxes you can turn on or off synchronisation for specific data.

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