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How To Deposit Money In A Cash Deposit Machine

Deposit cash into machine are called Cash Deposit Machines(CDM). It looks like Automated Teller Machines(ATM). So you can deposit cash directly into machines(CDM) without any problem. It is very convenient way to deposit money into your bank account as it is save your time also. This type transaction is totally free only you have to need a ATM card of that particular bank account. But before, you should check it is no-envelope ATM or envelope ATM. This post is for no-envelope ATM.

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For deposit cash into Cash Deposit Machines you have to follow bellow steps.

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Step1:   Swipe your ATM card into CDM machine.

Step2:    Select your language

Step3:    Enter your secure pin number

Step4:    Now from the main menu Select Deposit option

Step5:   Next you have to select cash deposit option

Step6:     Select savings or current type of Account

Step7:     Now press Confirm from the menu

Step8:     Place the cash

Step9:     The machine may take time to validate the cash

Step10:  Displays the denomination. Here you can see the summary, how many notes you enter.

Step11:  In Summary if you want to deposit more cash then choose " Add more Cash"
Step12:   Place the cash
Step13:   Click on Confirm to finish your transaction

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