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What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and how does it work ?

Hello friends the basic overview of this post is How does search engine optimization or SEO works. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of visibility of a web page or a website in a web search engine which is from natural or organic search. Every people wants to higher rank of their website in search engine. Here’s come the beauty of SEO. SEO may be different type of search result, such as content search, image search or may be video search etc.

So now a days SEO is very important for any website because of competition. Till now few million registered website out on the internet. For found these website, so we need a search engine. And these search engine so good to find this type of content or you can say website. Over 90% of internet user found this type of website on the search engine. Lots of good search engine available on the internet such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. But 80% of people worldwide use google till now.

Now a day’s every search engine have their own algorithm (Google, Yahoo or Bing all have their own algorithm) for SEO but you just have to keep in mind this concept what I am going to discuss is same for all search engines.

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How SEO Works

How does search engine optimization work??

When you search something on google, then you redirect to results page. And you probably find lots of search results on that page which you are looking for. On that page may be some portion (Red section in below picture) you can see ads for particular keywords which company pay to search engines but that green portion below in picture which is main section peoples are care about this is the actual result list.
Seo Works

This picture shown first result page, only 10 results you can see on the page. Below this page you can get more results about your keyword. Here is the most important thing that most people they don’t know. 90% of people see only the first page of google. If they don’t get their results they don’t go for other pages for the same keywords.

Seo Works
Instead of that they will prefer to go for new keywords or starting from scratch. And also one more important thing most of the users prefer to go top three results of the first page (Almost 60% of people they will prefer). That’s why SEO for your website so important. When people search for a thing and see the your website in search engine they will click on your website link. These visitor also you are looking for, you can say idol visitor of your website. They will check or get information or may be subscribe your website too. It will help to grow your search engine rank. But if your website does not show top three results or does not show first page of the page it means your website is dead or non existing, no one even find it.
Have you ever wonder why any website shows in the first page and any other website at the last page??
Actually google page rank depends on the website’s page rank. Every website has ranking for particular terms and keywords.
At first all the search engine track all the keywords of a webpages so if you search for a health tips then it will get back all the website that containing these keywords. And mostly used these keywords website go to the top of the search results.

 In 1996 it has noticed that lots of keywords used in a website, it did not mean the website is more relevance. For relevance website needs backlinks a lot.  This means other website links referred to  your website.

All the search engine follow the same rules. They still look of your keywords but rank of your site depends of you quality content and number of quality backlinks to your website from other websites.

In simple words keywords let search engine see your website and know about your website. Backlinks determine how much search engine trust of your website for relevance. So quality content is important and keyword is important because it tells search engine that your website out there. And backlinks up your website to the search results. That’s why search result we called natural and organic results.
And most importantly there is two points of search engine, that how to find and rank pages this two corresponding points of SEO. First is the On-Site SEO and another one Off-Site SEO.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is full of content of keywords. Which means if you have health related blog or website then you need to sure your website must have full of content of health related keywords like Medicine, Disease, Natural Remedies etc.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is the creation of the backlinks from the other sources to your website. This backlinks can be created using Articles, Social Media, Blog or Forum etc.

But you have to remember one most important thing is link back to your website which is backlinks. This is the most relevant way to get higher page rank for search engine.

So this is the overview of How does SEO works. And we all know SEO is very important because it helps to gets top of the search results. And now a day’s everything is related to the web so SEO is the most powerful way to increase traffic to your website. And last tips is that good SEO takes time for website.

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