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How SEO Can Help to Grow Your Business

Hiii welcome to This is our second post of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In our previous post we have discussed about What is SEO and how does it work.  And now we are going to give you a real world example of SEO, that how SEO can help to grow your business.

So we knew from our last post that SEO helps to go top of the search results or higher page rank of any website in search engine.  If your post does not show top of the three results or first page, it means your website is dead or non exist.

SEO for Website UandBlog

So for the ideal user you need to top your website in the first page of the search engine. That’s why SEO is so important.

How SEO can help to grow your business??

Now we are going to discuss this post that “How SEO can help to grow your business” with example.  Lots of customer has small or mid size businesses.  So let’s pretend a customer has launched a sports ecommerce website for sell all the sports instruments in his country.  After that the customer figure out which keyword is most import to show up his website in the search engine at first page. Suppose he choose a very simple keywords for his website. Let’s say “Sports Instrument Product”.

Here is the most important thing is Google has a free tool called KeywordPlanner to check of your keywords that how many people actually search on that particular keyword every month.

keyword planner for seo uandblog

This is the link

Using this link you can check how many people actually search of your keywords per month globally and locally and choose your keywords. You can also choose the targeting country from that free planner tool.  So now that customer has chosen his keyword from Google planner tool.

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About 70% people click top of the search results on the search engine. So customers’ website I mean “Sports Instrument Product” this website will be click at least 20% to 30%. Lets assure at first 1000 views on his first month.  And most importantly these people are mostly search sports product which is actually that customer offered.

Now customer will think how many visitors he expects to turn into his customer

SEO Customer Thinking

Actually this depends on that customer such as:

1) How nice of his website..

2) Is customer contact number is clearly visible on his website..

3) How much customer's people helpful..

This type of things like that. Let’s assume out of 1000 visitor only 10 visitors turn into actual customer. It is 1% of visitor and each visitors buy sports equipment for 30$. It means 30$ * 10$ = 300$ first of your month.  Remember this is just for one keyword but there is bunch of keywords that target different type of peoples. When your website goes top three results on the first page in search engine, then automatically the customer’s revenue will be high because of SEO. That’s why everyone loves SEO.

Grow your business with SEO

So we are seen too many ads on news paper, tv etc. This is expensive but they want get their potential nearby customers. SEO on the other hand give you exactly your customer to your website. Top of the first page of search engine is not easy and it does not happen in one night. But good SEO technique helps you to grow your page rank. So you have to work for SEO each day.

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