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Top 8 Creative Ways to make Money on YouTube

1. Google Adsense

The first easiest way to make money from YouTube is to monetize your video with Google Adsense Ad. If you have art on many creative things like fashion, Crafting, fun making, Gaming , music or knowledge on any technology you can make money by monetizing your video with googleAdsense provided your video content must follow the Adsense TOS & Program policies, though it is not easier to make a good amount of money with Adsense initially. You have to build your experience how to Optimize your video and promote through blogging and social network and other websites so that your YouTube channel can easily discover from search engine and large audience. you need to do keyword research from Google Adwards to know Advertisers campaign to Optimize your Ad revenue.

How to Monitize your YouTube Account with Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the selling product for exchanging commission. Many renowned youtubers make lots of Money with the affiliate marketing program. Thousands of company offers affiliate marketing program to sell there product. Some of the best companies like Amazon, ebay, Flipkart, Clickbank etc. Each of them has registration processes. You can make video on Product reviews and add affiliate link in video description to buy the products. If any visitor buy that product from the affiliate link of video description then channel owner will get a commission.

3. Use YouTube as a Source of Traffic for Your Website or Blog

If you have a blog or website and you want to make money with it now need a good traffic. If you have a good YouTube channel you can increase your blog or website traffic using your YouTube channel. Your Channel will help you to promote your content or product of your Blog or website. As your youtube channel is going bigger and bigger, you can drive tons of traffic to your blog or website that can be convert into money. You can add your website link to the description of a video. Make sure that you link to your website in the first line of your video descriptions, so you can funnel your YouTube traffic to where you want it to go.

4. Create Your Own Product and Promote in YouTube

If you are creating your Own Products and want to sell on YouTube offers you to promote your product and sell it. Your product may be ebook, Games & Apps, Art, Software, Music etc. Create your product and store It in a shopping cart. You should add the link to the description of your video so that user can buy your product following your link.

5. Rent or Sell Your YouTube Video

YouTube video creators now can make money by renting and selling their YouTube video. This is a great opportunity to make money for passionate video creators. For this you have to enable your paid content option from monetization settings. But you must have at least one thousands subscribers to enable this settings and have to agree with YouTube terms and condition.

6. YouTube Red Earning

From 2015 YouTube offer a new membership is YouTube Red Membership. It is a paid membership that gives viewers an amplified video and music experience across YouTube. It has monthly subscription just in $9.99 and 30 days trial period. Though it is only for people from U.S now, YouTube may offer this Membership outside of U.S in coming days. After deduction of Google from $9.99 the money will be divided among the creators depending upon their video watch time.

7. YouTube Sponsorship

Another great way to earn money from YouTube is YouTube Sponsorship. Though only 4 -5% of YouTube video creators make a good money with YouTube sponsorship. One of the best site to find best sponsor for your channel is Though you can join Famebit with at least thousands subscribers it is tuff job to get your channel sponsorship from here less then ten thousands subscribers. You can search for you channel sponsorship from or etc.

8. Test-Market Your Products

YouTube is an amazing resource for market research. If you have brilliant, innovative idea that can be turn into profit, create some video and post it in YouTube. The views and comments on your videos will tell you whether your idea is profitable or not. The YouTube audience can even help you to get clear idea, so that your efforts to get funding are successful.

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