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How to Change ATM or Debit card's PIN number 7 steps

If you are an ATM user then you have to change your ATM or Debit cards PIN for security purpose. It is very easy to do, only you have to go to your nearby ATM. In this post I show you how to change ATM or Debit cards PIN.

Step 1.
Go to your nearby ATM and insert your card to the ATM machine.

Step 2.
Now Select your language from menu.

Step 3.
Now enter your ATM or Debit cards PIN number.

Step 4.
Now from the main menu Select PIN Change option.

Step 5.
Now you can see in the screen "Please enter your new PIN". Here type the new PIN.

Step 6.
Now a new screen appear, here you see "Please re-enter your new PIN". Here type the new PIN again.

Step 7.
If you type the PIN correctly 2nd time then a new screen appear "Your PIN has been changed successfully". Now you successfully changed your ATM PIN number.

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