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How to Make Money Online 2016 Best 11 Ways

Today there are unlimited source to make actual money from Online. But most of  them are scam, some  of them is not reliable  and  not gives you real cash in long term basis. In my Opinion If you want to earn money in long term basis and  live your life in your own term you can’t do  without improving your skill. With good technical knowledge and a little caution, though workers can find a number of genuine ways to make money online.

Here I am telling you best 11 actual money making idea in long term basis.

1. Blogging
 If you want to earn real cash money  Online  first choice of all the sources is Blogging. There are so many income stream  are there from a Blog. Some of the best idea is Ad networks, Affiliate marketing, Sponsor, Selling  ebook, paid  reviews, Blog consultant and so on. If you want to make  money  from Blogging  its  take  time, creativity and hustle . 
here is the  steps to improve  your   Blog platform to a  reliable  revenue stream
  1. Establish  home base.
  2. Produce  demanding and quality content.
  3. Bulild relationship with  visitors.
  4. Grow Blog platform.
  5. Choose revenue stream best for your  blog.
2. Youtube
Making  actual  money with  youtube  is  not  an  easy  stuff  . But if you have passion and  you are really good at some particular activity  ,you can  build  your  audience slowly  can can make  good  amount of money  with Google Adsense  Program .  To know  other way you can make money from  youtube  see Top 8 Creative  way to make money from Youtube.

3. Freelancer
The  internet has a great opportunity  to work as a  freelancer. Freelancing means   short  term jobs Or assignment  with  other Organizations or company or  a Client. There are so many work available for Freelancing  like  mobile app building, web design, video production, logo design ,excel  sheet work and so one. Here is some popular freelancing website   :
  1. Upwork
  2. 99Designs
  3. Flex jobs
  4. Freelancer
  5. SimplyHired

For more details see the post - The Best Top 5 Job Websites For Freelance Graphic And Web Designers

4. Making Mobile Apps  & Games
 Making Mobile apps and  games is a great  idea to build your business and make  money   from  web  . you  may need  good skill and also small development team to make a rich mobile apps or games  and proper marketing strategy  to promote it  . Once your Apps or  games become popular, you can make lots of money with it. For more details see  How to make money from your free mobile apps.

5. Online  Instructor
If  you have good skill  on any topics or subject you can make big amount of money by teaching others as a online teacher or instructor. On line  instructors today deals with many task  and they  also research  on  their  own topics  Online . Online  instructor provide  the  assistance  to the Online students Across the world  in all kinds of subjects  and  topics from math, history  to  web design , java ,android. Some of the best  Online Instructor site is ....
6.WebHostng business
Web hosting is simply  a place where  your website data are stationed. Though webhosting business is seems to be a lucrative way to make quick  good cash  but  truth is that it is not seem to be as easy. Before you start with web Hosting business  you need some level of technical knowledge on Computer Software and  hardware and also a lots of patience. If  you want to start with webhosting buisness then read the post How to start a Web Hosting Company

7.Buying/ selling   domain
Purchase  domain and then sell them may be a solid investment  for making money  Online. It is  just like stock  investment  and  it  may be risky  . If you get the right  customer  to sell  your domain you can make thousands of dollar  But you need to  make  strong  knowledge by doing research   of   Geographic areas , business  name , Generic  and  buisness   names   of domain for your business.

8. Selling photos
 Are you awesome  in photography ? Then selling photo Online  may be a great  choice for  you to make money Online .  Some of the best  sites to sell your photograph  are iStock  Photo, Alamy ,Flicker Collection and so on. many people  make money  by building up online portfolio of  images by building their own website. Stock images can be sell for website design , posters, blog articles, company reports, flyers. If you have quality images  for sell  to your customers its demand will grow up  and  you can make lots of money with it.
9.Online share  trading
Online  share trading  on Internet  is lucrative business for many Online investor. But it is completely a mystery for a beginners . To start  Online share trading  you need a  demat account. For beginners need to analysethe  financial performance of the business  report  balance sheet , and income statements .
Before  buying stock you need to follow the  following  steps:
  1. Research and Choose your  stock
  2. Choose  Current  Brokerage  partner
  3. Learning to trade stock
  4. Make smart  Investment decisions

10.Email Marketing
Email marketing is  also a good way  to   make money with  your email  subscribers.Though Email marketing looks  Old  fashioned , but the reality doesn’t  agree with it. With a strong content  email marketing is more powerful to any other marketing . It provides  you  opportunity to directly communicate with your customers to sell your product .The right way is sending emails to customers and prospects that want to hear from you and have given you permission to contact them.
11.Paid Writing
Internet offers huge Opportunity for the content  writers mainly for Blogs. If you are very Good  at content  writing  and  but did’nt manage to find the right strategies  there are  many websites  are wating For a content writers like you. Here is the  some  of best websites:
  1. iWriter
  2. FreelancerCareers
  3. Listverse
  4. HubPages

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