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Great Advantages and Health Benefits of Morning Walk

Everyone knows the adage “heath is wealth”. So, you have to careful about your health. To get a healthy and fit body you have to do some exercise regularly. The most common and easiest exercise is morning walk. There is nothing like a morning walk. It helps us keeping physically and mentally fit. Morning walk is suitable for all kinds of people- young  men, women, old people and children also . In the morning the air is fresh, cool and dust free. It is the best time for walk. In the morning, a brisk walk enable us to breathe in a lot of oxygen which fresh our mind and keeps us energetic. To get more information about morning walk keep reading..


1. Weight Control
Morning walk helps us to keep our weight under control. It becomes much more applicative for good food lovers, also termed as “Foodies”. Scientist say that without changing diet habits losing weight is possible if you walking at least 45 minutes everyday.  Walking increase heart rate that cause inhale more oxygen and burns some calories which helps in maintaining your weight.
If you want to get a fatless healthy body then go for a morning walk at least 30-40 minutes daily and see the magic. 

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2. Fight Against Cancer
Walking 45-60 minutes daily is also beneficial for breast cancer. According to researchers women who do exercise like walking regularly are less likely to develop this cancer than those who are not in active. When you walk the estrogen metabolic ratio in your body is alter and this prevents the cancer cell to grow in your body.
3. Energizes the Body
Morning walk gives you energy for the whole day. This increases the blood circulation and supply more oxygen. It keeps depression far away. A simple walk in the morninghelps you to reduce anxiety, depression and stress level and gives you full relaxation.
4. Reduce Heart Disease
Walking is the easiest physical exercise. Scientist says that walking daily at least 30 minutes reduce the chance of heart diseases.Walking increases the heart rate which increases blood circulation throughout the body and make your heart healthy. If the high density lipoproteins (HDL) are high in your body then you have a lower risk of heart attack. Regular walking helps your body to increase the level of high density lipoprotein and decrease the risk of heart attack.

5. Gives Better Sleep
Sleep is very important for our body and mind also. A proper sleep make our mind fresh and full of energy. Morning walk can gives you a better sleep at night. Because walking tires your body and therefore the sleep comes easily when you go to the bed at night. A study proved that the man who exercise in early morning spend almost 70%-75% more deep sleep than who do their exercise later in the day.
6. Improve Brain Power
Morning walk can gives you a sharp brain. As I told you before, the morning walk improves the blood circulation and increased oxygen supply in the brain which allows you to be alert and improves mental faculties. A study shows that the morning walk reduce the age related mental problem like Alzheimer’s and dementia.
7. Fight Against Diabetes
Morning walk can helps you to control your diabetes. It reduces the risk of increasing your blood sugar to a great extent as well as to manage the insulin Type II diabetes.  A diabetic patient is advise to go for a brisk walk because the movement of muscle allows to burn more glucose by the muscle cell which helps in keeping diabetes in under control. It is also said that if you go for a morning walk regularly from initial stage, the blood sugar may come down to normal.
Early to bed and early to rise” is a golden rule. It should be follow strictly. So, don’t think just go for a morning walk and stay happy.

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