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7 Effective Tips to Quit Smoking Quickly

Smoking is the most harmful habit for our health. Nicotine is the most harmful for not only to smoker but also passive smokers especially to the children. Smoking is responsible for lung cancer, heart attacks, and many other diseases. Many people also wants to leave smoke, but maximum of them can’t get right track to leave it. Though quit smoking is little difficult, but it is not impossible . you need to realize why you need to quit smoking, prepare for your success and execute your plan with positiveness. Here is some few effective tips to get rid off smoking.

Bad Effects of Smoking

1. Find Proper Reason

If you are commited to leave smoking  you need personal reason to quit .you can think you want to  protect your children from passive smoking. Look back at the things your experience has taught from smoking, or you can think  you want to reduce chances of your  lung cancer , heart deases . so, discover proper reason and  focus on it to leave smoking.

2. Consideryour Diet

From a US study it is  proved that  some foods, including meat  also commit people for satisfaction . Among the vegetable  cheese , fruits also tends to smoking . you may change your  routine at or after mealtime  to get rid of smoking.

3. Change Your Drink Habit

From study  it is  clear that   drinks , alcohol , cola , tea andcoffe  all tends  to  smoking . So if you  have  habits  of  this kind of drink then  change it to water  or Juice when you are  out. You can try to convert your habits to harmless  drink  to get rid of smoking.

4. Take Yourself a Break

Most of  the case people want to smoke  to get relax from negative thoughts , stress and depression .  You can take a break  and can chat with friends ,having fun , play game ,listen some loving music  or  make time for a hobby  as  excercise , sports . Try to avoid stressful situations during the first few weeks after you stop smoking.

5. Think Positive

Quit Smoking  is difficult  but not  impossible .  you need to know  nothing is impossible in the world . Look at your past  which  thing or matter  you thought was  impossible to happen  in your life , but  it  happened . It will give you confidence  to overcome  the problem.

6. Clean Your House

Once you are attempt  to leave your  smoking  wash  all the clothes  that  you smell like smoke , Clean  properly  the carpets , bed  and  other furniture from where you are getting smell of  smoking  .Use air freshner  to  clean the room  and get rid of scent like smoking . Once you are going  to quit  smoking  you need not to be  smell  anything  that  reminds your smoking habit. You can also use  “ no smoking “ sign in your room  for awareness  of smoking.

7. Make Your Friend Circle With Non Smokers

make your friend circle with non smokers  to   achieve  your goals . If you talk , spend time  with them you will get confidence  to live without smoking  and will be able to look  at the positive side of life  and free from stress & depression.

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