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6 killer reason why YouTube Marketing is best

 YouTube is the largest Video sharing website in the internet.  YouTube plays a huge role in social media and brand awareness development, and it has the added bonus of putting your brand in video in search results. YouTube get more than 3 billion search for month. 100 hours of video are uploaded in every minutes in YouTube. So YouTube would be the best marketing place for all. Here is the best 6 reason why YouTube is the best place for video marketing.

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1. YouTube is second best search Engine

YouTube is the second biggest search Engine Online which offer a great place for Internet Marketers. Not only has that two biggest search engine Google and YouTube communicated with each other. So what is going viral on YouTube is also becomes hot in Google search trend. It is not that people attract to YouTube for temporarily but it make a destination for them. Everyday YouTube got billions of View and when you see a video having thousands or millions of view. So you must be interested to see that video what is in it. By Uploading video tips strategies business cannot get only attention but it will help your customers or subscribers.


2. Has more Engagement

 YouTube videos are effortless to see, people wants to watch videos that entertained them. So videos are the great way to connect your viewers and gives you a great opportunity for marketing. YouTube helps to audience to connect with your favorite brand. People can comment for give feedback in the video which open a line of communication with the brand and this helps the viewers to read the comments between brand and other viewers. It makes a Brand helpful and Professional.


3. YouTube Annotation helps to build subscribers

You can add YouTube annotation at the end of the video which can help you to grow your subscribers. These annotations appear on top or any portion of your videos for a specified length of time and can include links to other videos, playlists or channels, or include a subscribe option. Also YouTube External Annotation helps to link your verified website form your video.


4. YouTube Analytics helps you to understand Subscribers

YouTube Analytics is powerful tool to know which type of people watching your video, gender and age of the person and also session watch time. You can get information on an individual video or on all the videos you’ve uploaded. Reviewing your most-watched videos or the videos with the most community feedback (comments, likes, etc.) can point to what type of content resonates most with your target audience. From YouTube Analytics you can understand to target your customer for specific or some country for your product.


5. YouTube Allow to share videos to the social media platform

YouTube video sharing option makes more people to engage to your video. It gives you a big opportunity to share popular or viral videos to social media to engage more people in your video, people can share video to Facebook, can tweet it to Twitter, and also submit to stumbleUpon or even their blog. This can deliver a huge traffic to your videos so that you can get your customer easily.


6. YouTube Video Ads

YouTube video Ads May be a good way to promote your product or brand with spending little amount of Money. YouTube video ads placed as a Pre-roll ad, mid roll ads or at the end of the video, but Pre roll ads are highly used. Go to Google Ad words, do some small research to bid on those keywords you want to pay per click. You can pay less on video ads compared to what you pay for a Google text ad.

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