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5 Things You Should Not Do After Taking a Full Meal


This might be so pleasure to the few people to take a deep sleep or inhale smoking after taking a good meal. But practically this habit is injurious for health. Excluding sleeping & smoking there are lots of things which we should not do after contain meal.

We highlight five things which should not to do with full stomach 

1. We should not take a sleep after taking meal.

2. One smoking after lunch or dinner as harmful as ten times of smoking.

Bad Effects of Smoking

3. We should take bath before lunch time. Otherwise it makes digest problem.

4. There is a idiom “water in empty stomach, take fruits in full stomach”. But practically fruits never properly digest with full of stomach.

5. We should not contain tea with full stomach, because the acetic acid of tea creates a problem to digest what we have taken in meal. So ignore tea before or after meal.


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