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13 Easy Tips to Improve Android Smart Phone Battery Life

Now a days Smart phones are necessary to our life. Without them we can't imagine our life. But we fade up with one think about smart phones that is the battery life. Maximum smart phones comes with bad battery life. It is very tough to gate 24 hour battery backup from maximum smart phones. If we connect with internet and use our smart phones continuously then within 4 to 5 hour its run out of battery. That's why  some people carry power banks with them. In this post I told you some tips and tricks how to Improve Battery Life in Android Smart Phone.

Turn off unnecessary apps

Some times we don't know about it but some apps are running in background and that is one of the important cause to run out of battery. So turn off them. If you can't find them then do this steps, first go to your device settings then find Battery and tap on Battery. Here you can find the apps which are killing your battery life unnecessarily. For more information see this post How To Find Out Battery Killing Apps On Android Device And Turn Off Them.


Turn off auto brightness

maximum time screen brightness is killing our smart phones battery life. To avoid it turn screen brightness down. There is a feature in every smart phone that is auto brightness, turn off it, cause auto brightness is automatically switch your screen brightness higher to lower or lower to higher with help of a light sensor. It causes your phone needs more battery power.


Set screen timeout

The screen timeout is a effective option to avoid killing battery life. Set a sort screen timeout value to boost you phones battery life. Here I set 15 sec to screen timeout.


Turn off smart sensors

Turn off sensors like light sensor, auto rotate sensor, proximity sensor. Some apps or launchers are use sound detections and screen patterns to launch apps avoid them to save battery life.

Setup power saving modes

In smart phone there is an option power management in settings. Here you can find power saving modes. Thus are help to save your phones battery life automatically. Depending on battery percentage it manage your phone. Like turn off unnecessary apps, dim screen brightness, even it turn off graphics properties also. That helps to keep battery life longer.


Turn off vibration

Vibration is killing battery life. If we turn on touch vibration then when we use your phone with every touch it vibrate and it kills battery life. Also turn off vibration on phone ring and notification alert.


Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi

Don't turn on Bluetooth and Wifi unnecessarily. Its kills your battery life. After using Bluetooth and Wifi turn off them as quickly as possible.


 Use 2G networks, turn off 3G and 4G

If you don't use internet then turn off 3G or 4G networks. Because for only call and messaging we don't need them. So if you don't use internet then select preferred network type to 2G. It helps to keep battery life longer.


Turn off GPS

GPS is one of the battery killing option. When you connect to the internet some apps are automatically use GPS to track your location. That is unnecessary and its kills battery too. So keep your phones GPS off.


Don't use animations

Some times we set animation wallpaper to our phones home screen and Manu background or install some fancy launcher with animation effects. Thus are looks great but they kills battery life. So don't use any animated launcher and wallpaper.


Turn off auto update

When we connect to internet all apps are try to update them self automatically. Its cause run out of charge and also use too much data. So turn auto update off to avoid it.


Turn off auto sync

Some apps like email apps and social network apps, sync data automatically from web. It is also cause run out of battery. So keep turn off auto sync to avoid it.


Use 3rd party power management apps

At the end we talking about some 3rd party power management apps. They helps you to keep battery life. They run in background and automatically manage your phone to keep your battery charge. There are too many power management apps in google play, some of them are......

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